Dag 9. Konin - Kalisz 67 km (412 km)

As the hotel was a great disappointment I spent some time finding a good one in Kalisz for a day of rest.

Route Day 9
Figure 1. Route Day 9

Breakfast wasn’t great either. I feel powerless so I stop at a Lotos station and down a cappuccino, that helped getting the engine running.

On my way out of Konin I went through a shopping area, much of the brand names are the same as in Sweden.

Buy more
Figure 2. Buy more

Soon I was back on the nice country roads and then about 1 km of sand.

Country roads
Figure 3. Country roads

There is a good tailwind, sometimes I can just sail along for a couple of kilometers without much pedaling.

Around noon I start to be hungry, I look at GPS and it reports a "Restauracja Kasia" 800m further south. This sounds to good to be true, it must be closed or something. But it was real and it was open, and even better the kitchen was open. And to top it of there was a 500 gr schnitzel with veggies and potatoes for 12 PLN.

This was the holy grail of touring cycling, I wasn’t sure it was for real.

Holy grail
Figure 4. Holy grail

I wonder if that will ever happen again.

After this massive lunch biking was hard, the clouds started to get dark and it looked like rain and thunder was coming.

Bad weather
Figure 5. Bad weather

Getting in to Kalisz was messy, no real bike infrastructure and some really weird riding along a canal. But eventually I found the hotel. It turned out to be great, clean , nice and friendly at less than half the price of last nights hotel.

Tomorrow is rest day. Since the next days ride is during a weekend I decide to book ahead and I plan my route and book hotels for Saturday and Sunday.