Day 7. Toruń - Lisewo 89 km (302 km)

The hotel was part of a bigger complex so it felt more like an office building than a hotel. They were rebuilding the hotel so the breakfast was served in a sterile conference room.

Route Day 7
Figure 1. Route Day 7

Getting out of Toruń was very bumpy, there wasn’t a bike path, just a series of sidewalks. I went on the wrong side of the bridge so I didn’t get any nice picture of the town.

Picture of town
Figure 2. Picture of town

I went on through the suburbs, the roads were very busy so I had to ride the sidewalk. The going was slow. Then I found out that had sent me along the very busy route 15. There was no shoulder and traffic was heavy. Fortunately Polish drivers in general and truck drivers specifically had patience like angels with overtaking me. I tried to escape the route 15 but there was some kind of military area around there so this was the only road.

Eventually I got off the big road and back on small country roads again. For a long while only half the road was paved, great idea since the traffic was very sparse.

Half a road
Figure 3. Half a road

Then I was lured in to a forest area with sand roads, there were a few kilometers of pushing the bike in sand before getting out on the other side. I must have forgotten to check "Touring bike" and "avoid unpaved roads" when I planned the route.

Sandy forest
Figure 4. Sandy forest

In Kruszwica I find fast food which wasn’t that great but I could sit and rest for a while. There were several signs for the Jakobsweg/Camino de Santiago here.

Figure 5. Caminito

After a long day I arrive to the Pałacyk w Lisewie, at 80 PLN I didn’t expect much but the place was older and dirtier than I had imagined. I had dinner and fell a sleep quickly.

Figure 6. Pałacyk

The longest day so far, I must make sure there are no single or double digit roads in the future. Also I will have to experiment with options in to try and avoid the sand. The sand sucks the bike down, even pushing it is a pain in the neck. If it was raining I guess the sand would be even worse.