Day 6. Grudziądz - Toruń 62 km (213 km)

There had been some rain during the night but the temperature hadn’t dropped so it was very humid. No wedding party last night so the hotel was quiet and nice all night long.

Route Day 6
Figure 1. Route Day 6

Last nights dinner had been so massive I still was full, so a light breakfast. Checking out was easy, no one else seemed to be awake.

First 5-6 kilometers was nice bike lane, then there was smaller and smaller roads, and then sand roads. Sand is not fun with a heavy bike, going was slow and hard. I must tune in order to avoid making routes with sand.

Figure 2. Sand

There are some drops of rain and it’s cloudy. As I bike along my small roads I see a golden M in the far distance. It’s a service station along the motorway I’m crossing. Great, then I can have a break indoors and rest a bit I think.

The M
Figure 3. The M

As it turns out both McDonald’s are fenced off and impossible to reach from outside the motorway, as I bike on the rain starts and I dig out my rain jacket.

A few hours later it’s sunny again and I near Toruń, yesterday I found a bike shop with some promising pictures of a big workshop on their website. I had made a GPS track to find the store and I did. The store was one floor up with a steep stair, not ideal for 60 kg touring bikes. I went upstairs and talked with a mechanic, there was a 2 days waiting list for repairs. So I asked to buy some spokes and bring with me, they were out of one of the lengths I needed so I bought some that might be 1-2 mm to short. They will do for emergency repair. I were generally unimpressed by them not being able to squeeze in an out of town customer, but such is life.

I went on to the hotel, checking in was no problem, bike parking no problem. The room nice enough, no aircond and evening sun wasn’t so great.

Figure 4. Dinner

The hotel didn’t have a restaurant so I went for a walk and found and Italian restaurant.

After dinner I went to look for Toruńskie Pierniki, but I couldn’t find any in the shops I found.