Day 5. Grudziądz - Grudziądz 0 km (151 km)

Rest day.

Route so far
Figure 1. Route so far

I wake up early, there was some noise during the night but the room was cold and dark so I slept well.

First project is the breakfast buffet and it’s really great, hot and cold foods.

Second project is taking a ride with my newly fixed bike and try to find a bike shop.

It turns out the bike shop is on the same street as the hotel. But the shop is closed.

My street
Figure 2. My street

I ride to a second bike shop that is supposed to be inside a small mall that is open on Sundays. As it turns out 10 June is something special and the mall is closed.

I return to the hotel and update my website for a while.

Then is time for lunch, a fantastic lunch.

The sirloin
Figure 3. The sirloin

The afternoon was spent resting in the really cold room, outside it was 30°C and dark clouds, but no thunder.

I booked a hotel in Toruń for next day and planned a route that would take me to a promising bike store before the hotel. I wanted to get more spokes and a professional mechanic to true the wheel. It’s a few mm wobbly since I didn’t have a proper truing stand with me.

Dinner was served on the szwedzki stół which apparently is the Polish term for buffet. It was chicken pasta with steamed vegetables.

A whole day spent on doing nothing. Tomorrow there are promises of rain and cooler temperatures.