Day 2. Gdańsk - Tczew 48 km (49 km)

First day in Poland. The ferry is very quiet and nice around 6 in the morning. There is about 200 km left to Gdańsk.

Route day 2
Figure 1. Route Day 2

The Cafeteria opens at 7 and breakfast buffet opens at 8.

Ticket to buffet
Figure 2. Ticket to buffet

After breakfast I sleep some more, there is nothing to do on the ferry. Once we get closer to Gdańsk everyone are thrown out of the cabins and cleaning starts. Getting off the ferry was a bit of a chaos, lots of people forgot where their cars were parked. Truck drivers started their engines as soon as they got in their cabins.

Bike lanes
Figure 3. Bike lanes

The harbor area was a bit dodgy and the roads were very bad, but once out of there the nice bike lanes started.

Figure 4. Concrete

The track went along the flooding barriers, there were various shapes of concrete blocks to ride on. Probably flatter and nicer than without the concrete, but there was a small bump every 60-80 cm for a very long time.

There were plenty of bike lanes and small roads to ride, some roads very good and some very bumpy. All in all going very slow and trying to drink enough to cope with the heat.

Tczew is a nice town with low buildings. There are lots of bike lanes and the tempo is very slow.

I arrive at the hotel and I get my room and the bike gets to sleep in an unused conference room.

The room is small but very nice, the food in the restaurant is great. So all in all a very good first day in Poland.