Day 3. Tczew - Kwidzyn 57 km (106 km)

The hotel was a bit noisy so I woke up several times during the night. Breakfast was great with eggs and sausage and lots of other stuff.

Route day 3
Figure 1. Route Day 3

I get started early trying to beat the heat, getting out of town is a bit of a mess.

Keep distance
Figure 2. Keep distance

So far the traffic and drivers have been really nice, the speeds are sometimes high. After 17 km or so the nice bike lanes end and I am riding small country roads and the ditches along the river. Lots of bumps and no pause facilities.

Bump bump
Figure 3. Bump bump

After a few hours in the hot sun I find a Sklep and can get some aircond and cold drinks. Skleps are small shops, they seem to be everywhere so that will be convenient during the trip.

Figure 4. Sklep

Just before I reach Kwidzyn I see a couple of long distance cyclists that rush by on the other side of the busy road. It seems they are following a cycle route called R1.

Kwidzyn is up a small hill, safely tucked away from the river when it floods. It’s small town and I manage to find pensjonat Winiarnia quickly.

Figure 5. Kwidzyn

I get my room quickly, the bike goes in the garage, lunch is served. Then a walk around town.

The heat is still bothering me, it’s hard to bike in temperatures around 30°C. It will take me some weeks to get used to it. The town and pensjonat is nice but it’s hard to understand why the price of accommodation is almost twice as high as I gotten used to.