Day 1. Home - Nynäshamn 1 km (1 km)

First day of the bike trip. Taking the train to Nynäshamn and then a ferry to Gdansk. The trains in Stockholm have had a troublesome couple of days, so I leave much earlier than I have to.

The train worked just perfectly so I arrived about 5-6 hours before the ferry left. So lots of time to kill at the ferry terminal.

On the train
Figure 1. Bike on train

It’s the same terminal as Stena Line to Ventspils uses, so I have been here before. There is very little to do at the terminal.

On the train
Figure 2. Ferry Terminal

After a couple of long waits and showing my passport 3 times I could finally board and get installed in my cabin.

Figure 3. Cabin

The ferry is almost 40 years old so the cabin was better than expected. Somewhere between the ferry to Tallinn and the ferry to Ventspils.

As on all ferries I have traveled with from Nynäshamn, there was an immense amount of drinking going on and it looked like the truck drivers were the worst.

Polish food
Figure 4. Polish food

So other than eating dinner, which was excellent, there was nothing much to do than going to bed early.