In the morning I am happy to leave Jūrkalne, it’s raining but it feels better to outdoors in the rain than in the molded accommodation.

Route day 22
Figure 1. Route Day 22

Today I was going to bike to Ventspils and spend some time there before the ferry left.

Stinky accommodation
Figure 2. Stinky accommodation

I arrive in Ventspils around 11, I bike to the ticket office only to find out that they open at 14. So I spend some time biking around looking at Ventspils and have lunch. At 14 I return to the ticket office to find that I have to wait until 18 to get my prebooked and prepaid ticket.

Figure 3. Food

So I spend a while longer sightseeing in Ventspils and also have dinner.

Sight in Ventspils
Figure 4. Sight in Ventspils

Just after 18 I ride back to the ticket office and get my tickets. In my first visit here at the ticket office in 2013 there was free wifi and a cafe in the building but that’s all gone now.

Schauff Sumo
Figure 5. Schauff Sumo

At 20 or so in the evening we are allowed to board the ship. The dinner wasn’t until 22:30 so I decide to skip that and go straight to bed. The next morning I wake up very early, the sun is shining and I have breakfast at 7.

The trains were all canceled due to rebuilding the tracks. But the buses that was used as replacements had big enough trunks for a bike, and I found a driver that didn’t really care about being delayed a minute or two for loading/unloading.