I have already booked my accommodation for tonight, the coast is very fully booked at the moment. I had wanted to stay at Pilsberģu krogs, but ended up in a much lesser place.

Route day 21
Figure 1. Route Day 21

The day was sunny and nice. First stop was to do some sightseeing in Karosta, a former russian naval base just north of Liepāja.

It was a short ride there, I biked around a bit and looked. The place looked well dodgy and I didn’t feel like hanging around to long.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral St. Nicholas
Figure 2. Russian Orthodox Cathedral St. Nicholas

There is a hotel in an old prison around here somewhere.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral St. Nicholas
Figure 3. Russian Orthodox Cathedral St. Nicholas

There was a nice view of Liepāja from the pier.

Liepāja from the north
Figure 4. Liepāja from the north

I continue north towards Ventspils, there is a mix of sand and asphalt on the roads. The roads are much better here than in the east of Latvia.

Pāvilosta offered a very nice lunch. It looked like a great place for tourists but unfortunately there were no accommodation available so I had to continue further north.

After an uneventful ride I arrived in Jūrkalne and found the place where I had the misfortune to stay. It was not nice at all, there was a shared kitchen which doubled as a nursery for poultry. The room stank from mold.

But tomorrow I would have a short ride to Ventspils and be on the ferry back home. When I started to research the timetable for the train from Nynäshamn to Stockholm I discovered that the train had been replaced with a bus. Not great news.