A cold morning, only 8C but nice weather.

Route day 09
Figure 1. Route day 9

As I check the news in Internet before I leave I see that the whole of EU is expected to get above 30C today. Some parts will even get over 40C. The forecast for the region I am in says 10C-15C and later some clouds and maybe rain.

Figure 2. Nice but cold day

I ride the small roads towards Hede, but I end up riding the 84 for a while. In Hede I find their tourist information and it’s open. After chatting with them for a while I leave with some good advice on the road ahead and good maps of the region and Norway. All for free. I am very surprised, normally tourist information office can’t provide much useful information for cycling tourists.

Figure 3. Small backroad a.k.a. Promillevägen

The back roads from Hede are very nice and small, their nickname is "Promillevägen", the road to take when you want to avoid the Police controls on the big roads.

Along the road I find a "Loppis", it’s a small flea market but more importantly they have ice cream and a refill of water. I speak with the owner for a while and get some more info about the roads. I also get to play with Molly the dog and get to see all the chickens that produce 30-40 eggs every day.

After a few kilometers on the Route 84 I turn off at Rörhån towards Ljusnefors, there is a power dam construction site there with big trucks and lasting going on. But that only lasts for 1-2 km, then it’s hardcore gravel and quiet.

Figure 4. Along the dam

Once in Ljusnefors I opt for route 84 the last kilometers in to Funäsdalen. I stop by the tourist information and it seems the summer season has not yet started. There is not much open between here and Brekken in Norway. The few places that exist will open later this week or next. I surrender and check in to a hotel.

Expensive dinner and a beer, then an early night with deep sleep.

So tomorrow I will reach Norway and will have to make my mind up about going over Røros (more traffic) or the mountain road (more uphill).