Early morning. I was so tired yesterday that I went in to a coma and woke up at 04:30 this morning.

Route day 08
Figure 1. Route day 8

I just wanted to rest for a while yesterday, but I fell in to deep sleep and woke up this morning instead. What a shame, the camping in Sveg has a really nice service building that I wanted to use.

Service building
Figure 2. Breakfast in service building

The sun doesn’t show itself enough to dry my tent so I pack it a bit moist.

Since I didn’t plan to go to this route I have to improvise a bit and find a new route on the go. The main objective is to stay of the big roads like E45 and Route 84.

Figure 3. Route 84

I leave Sveg on some small roads south of the Route 84 and then cross the 84 and ride through a very hilly area around Duvberget. The views are great but the hills are high and I have to push the bike some.

Figure 4. Nice views

After a few kilometers on Route 84 I turn of towards Vemdalen on Route 514. A much smaller road with lower speeds and less traffic. In Vemhån I find a supermarket with a small cafe where they have a micro, so I can buy some frozen food in the shop and heat in the micro. Very practical.

Figure 5. Vemhå-Träffen

In Vemdalen I find a French couple that are biking towards Nordkapp the hard way i.e. inland Sweden. They are enjoying themselves but look very skeptical when I tell them to buy mosquito nets before its to late. The spring and summer has been very cold so far and the mosquitoes has not woken up yet. I hope they got the nets before it was to late.

Figure 6. Sonfjället

The hostel in Vemdalen was full so I continued towards Hede. In Hedeviken I found a very nice camping facing mountain Sonfjället. They had a washing machine so I got a cabin and got started with the washing.

Figure 7. My cabin

The laundry smelled wonderful after drying the mountain air.