I have breakfast in the restaurant, and then pack my stuff and get going.

Route day 07
Figure 1. Route day 7

Since I got the stamp done yesterday there is nothing to do but leave.

I plan to take a very small road to avoid E45, Road 84 and Road 296.

I ask about the road at the service station, the road to Ytterhogdal is supposed to be nice but there are timber trucks on the road.

Figure 2. Timber truck

The road up to Flor was very quiet and nice, in Flor it turned in to a small forest road with very soft surface.

Figure 3. Nice views

Since it was dry it was easy to bike.

Figure 4. Forest road

In Ytterhogdal I found the Church and got a stamp for my passport. I also called ahead to the tourist information in Ljungdalen to hear about the passage to Norway. They said that it was not possible at all to get through to Norway since they still had plenty of snow.

So this would mean that I had to bike across Flatruet from Ljungdalen to Funäsdalen.

In Ytterhogdal I tried the track I had made in order to avoid the E45 highway. The track looked great, I passed the route marker where the proper walking route entered the woods and went on for a bit.

Unfortunately they had cut down all trees and made such a mess with the machines that I could not get through. So because the last 500 meter or so was so messed up I had to back-track 15 km to Ytterhogdal.

Figure 5. Obstacle course

That was not fun, and also left me with finding another route towards Funäsdalen. I ride the Route 84 for a while and then I take the small gravel road towards Älvros. It is running in parallel with Inlandsbanan, the small train running inland Sweden.

Figure 6. Gravel to Älvros

After a very long while on the gravel road, I get to Älvros. There is supposed to be a camping there but a local I ask says it is just a lawn without any services.

I decide to push on to Sveg. The ride along E45 is not at all fun, no shoulder and high speeds.

Once in Sveg I find dinner at a roadside Thai establishment. Then I ride to the camping and pitch my tent, they have a very nice service building. I decide to rest a bit before I go and sit there, but I fall asleep and wake up the next day.

Figure 7. Number 3 for dinner