Since there was a heated towel rail in the hotel I had done some laundry, so lots of packing to do.

Route day 06
Figure 1. Route day 6

Beautiful morning

The morning is warm and the sun is shining from a blue sky. After the breakfast buffet I went to the church to try and find a stamp for my passport.

No stamp
Figure 2. No stamp

I find no stamp in the church so I ride over to the ICA Supermarket and get some supplies.

I start biking north on road 83 and then I turn on to a small road to Färila. As the road is very small and nice I skip following the pilgrim route and stay on the road.

Figure 3. Small road to Färila

I have not decided exactly how far to go today, but I am aiming for Kårböle. I have not found any campings along the route so it is a bit uncertain where I will stay.

I try the church in Färila but it’s closed so I go to the service station for an ice cream instead.

Figure 4. Icecream

From here I will take the back roads over Föne and the Fönebasen. It appears to be an old airbase and the roads are very good and flat.

Figure 5. Nice roads

The last 10 km or so down to road 84 was gravel. After a long day biking in the woods and countryside I decide to go back on road 84 for the last 10 km or in to Kårböle.


Just before arriving in Kårböle I find a very basic campsite, no services available, Kårböle itself doesn’t appear to have any accommodations.

In Kårböle I find the stave church in a beautiful spot in the woods. I take a look inside and find that there is stamp there to stamp my passport. I look around some more and find information about accommodation and the inn "Värdshuset Pilgrimmen" and I give them a call.

Figure 6. Stave church Kårböle
Figure 7. Stave church Kårböle

They have a room and also dinner, excellent deal which I go for.

Figure 8. Värdshuset Pilgrimmen

The day was nice and except for the short stretches on roads 83 and 84. Those roads are narrow without any shoulder and the speeds are very high.

Figure 9. Nasty road 84