At 04:30 in the morning it’s just under 10 C, my down sleeping bag is doing a great job of keeping me warm.

Route day 05
Figure 1. Route day 5

I manage to go back to sleep again and wake up two hours later. The tent is flapping a bit in the wind and it’s getting warmer quickly.

Great start

Breakfast in the service building. I break up camp and get going. The days starts out sunny and warm, but as the day passes it gets colder and windier.

Figure 2. Bollnäs

I manage to find a sneak route over a water dam, or it’s actually a power plant on a small island. It might not always be open, I saw gates and signs, but today it was. Yesterday I left the pilgrim track to go to the camping, but with this lucky guess I am back on track.

Power station
Figure 3. Water dam

At another dam I cross back to the other side of Ljusnan, the other side is just a small track, it’s very steep at some places.

Figure 4. Steep

Once back on the other side again, I do some shopping at the ICA supermarket in Arbrå.


After another big hamburger, this time in Vallsta the track sends me out in the woods. Unfortunately this track is a dead end, the rest is a snow mobile track. So I have to go back to Vallsta and ride the big road instead.

Dead end
Figure 5. Dead end

I ride along the big road 83 for a while, improvising and make up the route as I go.

Undersviks Stiftsgård

I have been told more than once by people that sounded like they have been to Undersvik that there would be plenty of Pilgrim information here. I ask around and it seems to be a summer camp for kids, all the grown-ups are on holiday. The reception helps me with digging out a stamp and after some work we manage to transfer enough ink to it to make an impression on my passport.


In Lörstrand I find a fun place with old nostalgia, a service station, old signs, old phone boots. Enough for 10 minutes of amusement.

Figure 6. Nostalgia


As the future accommodations after Järvsö are completely unknown, it does not even look like there are campings, I wanted to spend the night indoors. After searching high and low for hostels, I find that all the cheap ones are full. I visit the camping and they have a bed & breakfast as well. I think they have bent the rules a bit by calling it a B&B and on top of this it’s very expensive. After some riding around in Järvsö, I surrender and check in to Järvsöbaden. Very high price and very, very good. The room was great, the food was amazing.

After the 5 course buffet style dinner, with amazing homemade food, I am so full I can hardly walk back to my room. I fall asleep directly after uploading all my pictures (they have amazing Internet as well).

Figure 7. Järvsöbaden

So far

The route so far.

Route so far
Figure 8. Route so far