The alarm wakes me up, I feel very rested. After a small breakfast I set off.

Route day 04
Figure 1. Route day 4


I am encouraged by the information about that the route is signposted and that there are information boards. But also a bit skeptical, sounds to go to be true.

After a very short trip to the church I find the information board.

Figure 2. Information board.

Some historical info and a map of infotainment quality.


I ride on for a bit and find the fire station, I search for a while and actually find the route marker. If I didn’t know to look for it I would never have found it.

Figure 3. Route marker

The route was very nice and there were markers at regular and well thought through places.

Nice route
Figure 4. Nice road in the woods
Nice route
Figure 5. Nice road in the woods

At one point there was a small 4-way intersection, there was only one route marker, it indicated right/north but my GPS track said straight/west. So after looking at the map in the GPS for a while I decided to go with the GPS track.

So I ended up on a bigger road with very little traffic.

more road, more traffic
Figure 6. More road, more traffic

The day so far had been cold with cold winds, later in the morning the black clouds started again. In the afternoon there even was some rain.


The next stop is a place called Skog, there is a church and an office there. The office has been closed and relocated somewhere far away. As I am reading the signs posted with this information two caretakers show up and I ask them if they can stamp my passport. After some searching in the closed office they found an old stamp and I got my stamp of the day.

The stamps
Figure 7. The stamps

I ask them about the route that my GPS tracks takes and it seems to be a good one.

Different marker
Figure 8. Different marker

After a while I find a route marker, it’s older and faded and a different type. But still a route marker.

Some more excellent forest roads take me to the sealed road towards Sibo. Once there I find the "Nya Sibogrillen" and their mega burger "Husets Big". It’s massive.

husets big
Figure 9. Husets Big

In Kilafors it looked like nothing happened since the fifties, several shops around the train station looked like museums.

Figure 10. Old

To my surprise my GPS track took me along a old railroad that was in the process of being rebuilt again. So in a few months no more biking, just freight trains.

Figure 11. Old railroad

I arrived at Vevling camping just before they closed, after some confusion I got assigned a plot next to the service building. I got started on building my castle, the Hilleberg tent, it’s so wonderful. Lots of space and good ventilation.

Figure 12. Hilleberg

I spend the evening in the kitchen of the service building. After a while I hear lots of people talking and when I look out through the window I see a bunch of Norwegians trying to invade my plot. I go outside to see what is up, it seems like the kids in the reception sold them my plot again. I give the reception a quick call and they dispatch someone to take care of the Norwegians.

I go to bed early and falls to sleep at once in my castle.