First day. An early start after a short night. This spring has been cold and rainy, this morning didn’t have any rain but it was chilly.

Route day 01
Figure 1. Route day 1


My premade route took me through familiar roads and paths in Sollentuna, Upplands Väsby and then through Rosersberg.

Figure 2. Sollentuna
Figure 3. Sollentuna

The day was cloudy and a bit cold.

Figure 4. Upplands Väsby

Along the railroad in Upplands Väsby.

Near Arlanda
Figure 5. Near Arlanda
North of Arlanda
Figure 6. North of Arlanda

The track I made focus on small gravel roads, as I intended to go by MTB I was a bit worried that it would be to wild for my touring bike, but so far so good.

North of Arlanda
Figure 7. Sometimes sealed roads
Bags off
Figure 8. Some gates required bags off

Most gates could be passed by bike, this one was properly built and required the bike to be lifted. But it was well worth it since it protected a very nice stretch of gravel from cars.

Figure 9. Wonderful gravel

Failure in Moga

So far everything went very smooth. When I prepared the track I had used several different satellite image services and various maps. In some places it was really hard to see if there was road or not.

Just after Moga I traveled this small road.

Figure 10. Very nice small road

As it turned out only a part of it was maintained.

Figure 11. Not a road anymore

I tried for some hundred meters but it was not possible to get through by bike, so I had to go back and find another route.


Eventually I made it to the camping in Österbybruk. It had been a long day and I had been chased by dark clouds most of the day.

I got checked-in and set up my tent. The camping was almost empty, the camping host said that they have had a very slow start of the season so far. Very few guests due to the cold and rainy weather.

After and hour or so the rain started, and it kept raining and raining.

I had brought my old tent (Vaude Taurus II) since it is smaller than my Hillberg tent and I wanted to go as light as possible. When I set up the tent I remembered why I did not like the tent. It is to small for my liking. When my Down mat is inflated it’s very hard to fit anything else in the tent, making logistics cumbersome. The vestibule is also very small, there is only room for one or two bike panniers.

I cursed myself for bringing this small tent instead of my new Hilleberg. I could remember that I bought the Hilleberg tent just for these reasons. It’s more of a livable habitat than a coffin.

Well, nothing to do now except to sleep and ride to Gävle tomorrow.

The bike

Since I last used my Schauff Sumo XT touring bike I had rebuilt the complete drive train. I sent the Rohloff hub back to Germany where it belongs. Then I rebuilt the rear wheel and changed the drive train to a Shimano MTB 29:er 3x9. I also changed to an unsuspended saddle, my Brooks B17 that I have been riding on and off since 2009.

I was very impressed by the "new" bike. It feels lighter to pedal, maybe because the low end Shimano stuff doesn’t make as much noise (and resistance) as the Rohloff. The B17 worked fine as well.