After being off tour for about a year it’s time for a new tour, a new adventure.


According to wikipedia Helgonleden is a relativly new name for a very old route to the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. The route goes from somewhere in Russia, through Gävle in Sweden and the cross the border to Norway somewhere in the alpine areas around Helags.

I have found very little useful information about the route, the best I found was a saved google map that I extracted to a GPX file and edited so it might work better if going by bike. I have no idea if the track will work out or not.

Pilgrimscentrum Tyresö

I started my journey by biking to the Pilgrimcentrum in Tyresö, south of Stockholm. It was a 4.5 hours ride in rain and cold.

pilgrimscentrum tyresö
Figure 1. Pilgrimscentrum tyresö

But who said it was going to be easy. So now I have my pilgrim passport with one stamp in it. They say I can get a diploma once in Trondheim if I present the passport with many stamps in it.

Pilgrims passport
Figure 2. Pilgrim passport

Bike problems

I initially thought I could use my MTB for this ride, it would be great when crossing the mountains in the alpine regions. But as it turned out I could not, the MTB was to unstable to ride with so much load on.

Overloaded MTB
Figure 3. Overloaded MTB

So this led to that I had to rethink, change bike and use my old proven travel bike, the Schauff Sumo XT. It’s stable, easy to pack, easy to ride. It might slow me down on MTB sections, but then I just will have to get off and push.

Stay tuned