Heavy rain during the night. Light sleep. There is no real night, just a bit less light.

Route day 02
Figure 1. Route day 2

Epic tent failure

Yesterday I regretted bringing my small old tent, it would have been much more comfortable in my newer Hilleberg tent. This morning I REALLY regretted it.

Wet Rain
Figure 2. Wet Rain Wet Rain

When I woke up at about 04:30 then tent had leaked, my sleeping bag and down mat camping mattress was all wet. There was a small lake with some liters of water in the tent. As things just seemed to get worse by the minute I decided to have breakfast in the service building instead.

Figure 3. Breakfast

Nothing much to do except packing up all the wet stuff and get going. Either I would go on to Gävle and get somewhere indoors to sleep, or I could take the train back home and dry my stuff and change to the newer bigger tent.

Back on track

Figure 4. Back on track

After a short deliberation I decided on going back to get dry and my bigger better tent. It sucks a bit to go back, but home was only 1h10m inside a warm train. Something warm and indoors in Gävle was a couple of hours away and would cost a fair bit, also I still would have the old, small, broken tent.

So me and the Sumo is back on track, but we are used to go by train by now.

Tomorrow I will go back to Gävle by train and start over again.