Yesterday the room was insane hot and this morning there were no hot water. So in average perfect temperature.

Route day 18
Figure 1. Route Day 18

The morning was cool and nice, there is a bike lane the first 6 km or so out of town. Very little traffic. I meet two old Swedish buses, one is a red bus from Stockholm with the sign "Ej i trafik".

Bike lane
Figure 2. Bike lane

Today is my lucky day, I find a perfect place for lunch at just the right time.

Gubernijos Alus
Figure 3. Gubernijos Alus
Figure 4. Lunch

Once in Skoudas I find the place quite easy, the reception is in the bar. Very easy check in, pay please - bye bye.

No bike parking so the bike goes in the room with me.

The room
Figure 5. The room

I walk about and find somewhere to eat dinner, the town is very quiet and nice.