Today I will enter the great Lithuanian train lottery.

Route day 17
Figure 1. Route Day 17

A good nights sleep and sunshine. I bike to the station and try to find a ticket for the train.

Figure 2. Train

There is a manned ticket office and I can buy a ticket without any problems at all. The train is very high but the staff helps me with the bike and the bags. There are 3 in the staff and 3 passengers. It’s small nice diesel train.

Figure 3. Train

The first train takes me to Radviliškis where I have two options. There is a train for Klapedia in the evening, it’s long distance train with limited space for bikes, so there is a chance that it is full.

The second option is a small diesel train to Mažeikiai on the border to Latvia. I have done some research on Klapedia and the curonian split, and the verdict is that accommodation is very much booked and expensive. So all in all, the small train to Mažeikiai seems like a good option.

This leaves me 3 hours in Radviliškis, I spend 3 minutes on the bike and see all the sights. Then I find a cafe and spend the rest of the time there trying all their products.

Figure 4. Cafe

Back at the train station I board the small train and enjoy the uneventful trip to Mažeikiai. It seems like all the hotels here are located a few floors up, not great if riding a big bike. I bike around a while and find Palma. The reception is on the second floor but there is a camera on the ground floor so I park my bike there. I rush upstairs and seal the deal, 29 Euro for a room. Then I ride around the building and park the bike inside a locked storage room.

Figure 5. Room

There is a restaurant on the ground floor, this is the first really nice meal I have had since Gulbene. At 13.80 Euro it feels like a bargain.

Figure 6. Meal

The Internet is good so I book a guesthouse in Skoudas and then two nights in Liepaja.