The hotel was in a rural location so very quiet and nice.

Route day 16
Figure 1. Route Day 16

Yesterday I had decided to skip Kaunas and instead loop back to the coast. The breakfast is great and I get an early start.

Figure 2. Road

Initially the roads were empty and nice. There is really nothing along the road, I find a cafe in one of the towns but it was closed.

Later I found a small shop and stopped for drinks. When I sit outside and relax I am approached by a young Lithuanian man that has some questions about life on a bicycle. I tell him about how great it is to travel slow and how many things you learn. A good example being that he had no idea that there was African swine fever just some kilometers away.

Swine fever
Figure 3. Swine fever

He has a nice Audi A6 and I ask him if he bought it in Germany, he tells me it’s a "Lithuanian special". One smashed up vehicle with a good identity morphed with other cars with bad identities.

The weather is quite OK but there is an annoying headwind and some rain.

The closer I get to Panevėžys the more traffic there is, people drive like they are insane. I guess that the better roads the higher speeds. All off a sudden I don’t feel much like biking anymore in Lithuania.

Figure 4. Nestle

Eventually I find the hotel, it’s nice enough, located in a busy intersection in the outskirts of town. The room has two floors, bedroom upstairs.

Figure 5. Lounge

The traffic has made me interested in going by train back to the coast. I visit the tourist information and get some info on the trains, the website for the trains is not great. But I manage to puzzle together some possible train routes. Priority one will be to try and reach Klapeida and the coast.

I walk around in town and remain unimpressed. Hesburgers for dinner.

Figure 6. Hesburgers
Great Info
Figure 7. Great info