I woke up early. I can imagine that many of the pagan metal people would have a very hard morning.

Route day 15
Figure 1. Route Day 15

Shower in the SPA and then breakfast. It’s very very quiet when I leave.

Last night I cheated and booked a room in Lithuania, new country and new system, so by booking the room in advance it’s easier to relax and enjoy.

I had tried to find a route out of Latvia, the only roads that lead to where I wanted to go looked very small and dodgy on the maps. But I had made a track and followed it.

The roads towards Lithuania was better than in the north of Latvia. The closer to Lithuania I got the smaller the roads got, just before the border the Latvian border guards Valsts Robežsardze had a control. The control consisted in stepping out of their car and asking which nationality I had, and then wish me a pleasant journey. I guess people entering Latvia on these back-roads will have a more in-depth control.

Small road
Figure 2. Small road

The roads in Lithuania are much better than in Latvia. Less bumps and washboards. There is a slight headwind and there is absolutely nothing between the border and Biržai. The highlight is a bus stop with a bench.

Figure 3. Hotel

After what feels much longer than it is I arrive at the hotel. I check in and the bike gets to live in a conference room. The hotel feels like it’s a bit better standard than the hotels in Latvia.

The hotels restaurant is closed since it’s Sunday, the receptionist doesn’t think it’s possible to walk the 2 km to the city center and offers to call a taxi. I decline and take a walk, it’s a nice walk and walking is much needed after to much time in the saddle.

Figure 4. Walking

I am planning the route ahead and I am unsure how far south I want to bike in Lithuania. Unfortunately the tourist office is closed so I can’t get any maps or info from there.

I have dinner, do some shopping and stop by the bakery.

The first impressions of Lithuania are that it’s a bit more organized, a bit cleaner, has better buildings and roads than Latvia. There seems to be a very high focus on security, alarms, fences, gates, cameras are everywhere.