The night had been very quiet and cool.

Route day 19
Figure 1. Route Day 19

Breakfast is available at 11:00 so I skip that and ride the 3 km to Latvia.

Figure 2. Back in Latvia

In Bārta I find a small shop with the basics needed for breakfast, cinnamon buns and other stuff.

Figure 3. Bārta

The ride goes through a very quiet and nice rural Latvia.

In Gorbinka I find a nice pasta for lunch. At 4.38 Euro it feels like a bargain.

The last 20 km to Liepāja is a really nice bike lane, the city is bigger than I expected. After a while of biking around I find the hotel. Unfortunately my room is not ready so I have to spend some time waiting for the room.

Figure 4. Liepāja

The room is very small and I have to leave my bike outside the hotel, I am not thrilled about this.

Figure 5. Room
Figure 6. View

I stroll around town have a look, it’s a mix of new and old, seems like a nice and quiet town.

New and old
Figure 7. New and old