Day 19. Nový Jičín - Ostrokovice 72 km (873 km)

A long and cold day with some drops of rain.

Route day 19
Figure 1. Route day 19

After breakfast I get my bike out and load everything.

Bye bye nice hotel
Figure 2. Bye bye nice hotel

I ride through the very quiet country side, there are lots of churches but no queues outside like in Poland. It’s starting to be very hilly now, I am glad I’m biking through this valley or corridor between the mountains instead of over them.

The landscape is very beautiful.

Figure 3. Hills

At lunchtime I happen to be in Bystřice pod Hostýnem and there are several restaurants open. I find one that has a nice garden in the back where the bike can be parked next to the table. I have a small lunch with cabbage soup and meat with potatoes. A nice break and refill of energy.

The route has been very nice, only small quiet roads with almost no traffic at all. Mostly paved roads but also some small stretches with gravel.

Figure 4. Tracks

The last kilometers in to town are nice and flat bike lanes. The town itself is also covered with bike lanes.

Figure 5. Ostrokovice

Tonight I am staying at the Harley pub, my bike is of course much cooler. When I arrive there is no reservation but I am in luck since all rooms are empty.

It’s a nice place with a micro brewery, restaurant and rooms.

Figure 6. Room

The afternoon is spent changing yet another broken spoke. This is the third long trip this wheel is on, it’s worrying that spokes starts to break now. Both spokes were on the same side, and it seems like the spokes might be a little to long on that side, causing the tension to be to low. Just in case I call HQ in Bielefeld and ask for a new wheel, it will be on standby and can be sent out in case of total failure. Otherwise I will pick it up when I get there.