Day 18. Nový Jičín - Nový Jičín 0 km (801 km)

Rest day in Nový Jičín.

Route so far
Figure 1. Route so far

I didn’t do very much this day. Weather was cold and gray so being indoors was nice.

Since tomorrow is a Sunday I went to Kaufland and bought all the water and food I would need for a day in the Czech country side.

There was some kind of event going on in town, looked like a version of tough viking or similar.

In the afternoon I did some repairs and adjustments on the bike. The front brakes are giving me grief, I have not figured out why yet. The front gear changer also is slight unaligned.

I have all my meals at the hotels very busy and very excellent restaurant.

Tomorrow will be a long and hilly day ending near the Slovakian border.