Day 16. Rybnik - Ostrava 47 km (748 km)

My last day in Poland for this time. It’s really hot all day.

Route day 16
Figure 1. Route day 16

It’s very quiet and nice along the route today. There are more hills than before, the heat is also building up fast, the going is slow and hard.

Figure 2. Quiet

I had planned a short route today, its hot and hilly, a new country, a new system, new money, no need to be exhausted on top of that. Also the weather forecast warned about strong winds and heavy rain towards the evening.

Just before the border I see the first thermometer in Poland, 31.8C in the air and 51.5C on the road. I guess that explains needing to drink 6 liters of water every day.

Hot hot
Figure 3. Hot hot

I rode along the track and enjoyed the Polish countryside, there was a sign, and now it’s the Czech countryside.

New country
Figure 4. New country

I have a very short distance to ride from the border to the hotel. Once I get there the first action is that I get shown the garage where the bike can be parked over night.

Figure 5. Garage

The room is not the greatest but all the basics are there. The bed is hard as a rock, I remember this from last time I was in the CZ.

Later that evening the rain and thunder comes, I am glad to be indoors.

Figure 6. Storm