Day 15. Tarnowskie Góry - Rybnik 58 km (701 km)

This turned out to be one of the best days, nice and quiet roads and forest tracks.

Route day 15
Figure 1. Route day 15

I leave as early as possibly trying to get some kilometers done before the heat starts. But already at 9 is really hot and approaching 30C.

Quiet forest
Figure 2. Quiet forest

Today the route is entirely nice and quiet, I only ride a few kilometers on roads with trucks. The sand from the northern of Poland seems gone as well, just hard packed gravel.

Quiet forest
Figure 3. Hard track

When I emerge out of the forest I am very close to the hotel and there is just one busy intersection to navigate. It has been very hot today, surely over 30C, the final 200m to the hotel is a small uphill. I am very tired when I get there and check in.

I am looking to buy a new pair of shorts so I rush off to Decathlon, it’s about 4 km away from the hotel. I find Decathlon and a pair of shorts, I also buy a new bag of emergency food to replace the one I used last Sunday.

Back at the hotel I get to park the bike in the baggage room.

Bike room
Figure 4. Bike room

Dinner at the hotels restaurant, a bunker like complex in the basement.

All in all, a very good day on a bike.