It was hot, I had eaten to little, biked to much, I really felt worn out when I woke up.

Route day 11
Figure 1. Route day 11

I found something in my bags to eat, it was above 20C already. I packed up camp and got going. There was a long and fast 18km descent to Selbue. I found a stamp in the church office, then the supermarket for some breakfast.

From there it started, flies and flies and flies, every time I stopped I was swarmed by 50-100 flies. Luckily I had my mosquito net and some strong DEET to keep them away.

There was some up and down all the way to Selbuestrand, there the uphills started, it was up and up and up, and then some flies and flies and flies. Some unhappy hours in the hot sun there.

Figure 2. Halfway up

The uphill more or less lasted all the way to downtown Trondheim, where one last crazy 200 meter drop had me pushing the bike downhill due to brake overheating.

Figure 3. Halfway down

Once at sea level, I found my way to the Pilgrim center and registered to get my stamp and diploma.

Figure 4. Nidaros pilgrimsgård
Figure 5. Diploma
Figure 6. Mission accomplished

I also went to see the Nidaros cathedral and the mile zero marker.

Figure 7. Start or end

I will spend some days in sunshiny Trondheim and recover while contemplating how to get back home. The 200 km uphill to the Swedish border feels very untempting at the moment.