I slept like a king in the hotel.

Route Day 11

Started the morning very slow. The breakfast was not included but there was a proper bakery next door so I forgave them.

The hotel offered to wash one machine for 5 Euro, I just handed them a bag with dirty clothes and a couple of hours I got it back.

I visited the local supermarket, roughly 1/4 Vodka, 1/4 beer, 1/4 potatoes, the rest was cigarettes and candy.

My two favorite words in Latvian, Naktsmītnes and Ēdināšana.

Favorite Latvian words
Figure 1. Favorite Latvian words

So far the trip is much slower than I had hoped for. I cant do the ~100 km per day that I could do last summer. Probably due to a mix of not bike commuting anymore and roads being shitty.

This means that I will have to make new plans for a shorter trip than I had hoped for, Poland is out of reach, so new plan is to cross Latvia and do some biking in Lithuania and then go back home from Ventspils by ferry. So I spend a while making new GPX tracks.