There was heavy rain and strong wind during the night.

Route day 10
Figure 1. Route Day 10

The village is very quiet in the morning, the bed was not that great so I didn’t sleep great.

Figure 2. Room

Last night there was heavy rain and strong wind, but this morning was sunny and nice. I had my breakfast in the garden.

Downtown Ape
Figure 3. Downtown Ape

Yesterday was a long and hard day so I decide it’s time for a day of rest. So I am off to Gulbene to find a nice hotel to stay in.

The rain has made all the sand roads soft and hard to bike, there are also lots off fallen down threes.

Soft roads
Figure 4. Soft roads

The roads are really bad compared to Estonia, in general there are no shoulders to ride, all roads are very bumpy. The rain is on and off all day.

Lots of rain
Figure 5. Rainy rain

But when I arrive in Gulbene there is sunshine ! And a great tourist information office, extremely helpful. I find a fantastic hotel in no time. Next to it there is a restaurant that is open all day.

Figure 6. Hotel

The room was 30 Euro.

Figure 7. Room

With the bike safely parked in the lobby, dinner and drinks at the restaurant was next stop. Dinner was 10 Euro.

Figure 8. Beer
Figure 9. Dinner
Figure 10. Postres