The night had been very, very hot. The hostel had no ventilation so it was like a sauna inside.

Route day 6
Figure 1. Route Day 6

Breakfast is bread and tea, being on the ground floor with my own door means that packing the bike is very quick and I leave early. It rains more or less the whole day, it is also very hot, not a great combination.

I run in to a German couple, due to all my German high quality equipment they mistake me for a German. They are out on a 2 month ride without any solid plan, just going where the going is good. Making sure to stay in proper hotels when there is a football match on.

Rain and old houses
Figure 2. Rain and old houses

Stop in the middle of the day to have lunch. The weather is not very great for sightseeing so I just keep on riding towards Tartu.

I am tired when I reach Tartu, I just stop by the first hotel and check in. Not being used to biking the heavy bike and the heat is very hard. I stop for a day of rest and sightseeing in Tartu.

Figure 3. Hotel

There is a supermarket not far away so I walk there after a siesta, it turns out that they have a pizzeria in the small mall, so pizza for dinner.

The hotel doesn’t have A/C or any form of ventilation so it’s very, very hot at night.