I woke up early and had breakfast, it offered all strange sorts of fish that I skipped. It was already hot and very humid.

Route day 5
Figure 1. Route Day 5

The first 12 km out of Rakvere was a very, very nice bike road. Smooth and clean. Excellent.

Bike road
Figure 2. Bike road

After the nice bike road there were some very nice country side roads, very quiet, maybe a vehicle every 3-4 minutes of so. Everyone driving slow and nice. There was head wind and heavy clouds all day, and when I stopped there were lots of horse flies. Most of them seemed to like my black bags more than me but I got 2 bites.

Nice road
Figure 3. Nice road

I stopped for refreshments in the small village Laekvere, some old folks asked me lots of questions in Estonian, couldn’t really understand or answer them but I showed them my small Baltics map and pointed on all the places I am going. They were very approving of this route, and then they asked where I was from, and they liked Sweden very much, all thumbs up.

Dark clouds
Figure 4. Dark clouds

In the afternoon it became very very hot, I stopped at a small shop and got some cold drinks. They had a really nice A/C so I stayed in there for 5 minutes to cool down.

Small shop
Figure 5. Small shop

Eventually the dark clouds caught up with me and there was a short but very intense rain, in Mustvee I found a hostel by the lake and checked in. The manager gave me an electric mosquito repellent with the comment "We have many mosquitoes". Luckily there was intense rain and hard wind later so no mosquitoes.

I biked to Konsum and bought stuff for dinner and spent the rest of the evening looking at the rain through the window.

Interesting facts about Mustvee is that they have the most churches per capita in Estonia and 60% of the population speaks Russian.

More worryingly is that most hostels, campings, guesthouses, cafes etc are missing from all the maps, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Figure 6. Church