The hotel was hot but at about 5 in the morning there was some heavy rain that cooled things down a bit.

Route day 8
Figure 1. Route Day 8

When I start biking really early in the morning the temperature is 24C and the humidity is about 100%.

Sunday morning in Tartu is very, very quiet.

Figure 2. Quiet

After about 5 km the first rain started. The first 10 km out of town was proper bike lanes, the rest of the day was small roads. The going was a bit slow.

In the town of Elva I find a pizza for lunch, the weather is starting to look a bit bad.

Figure 3. Pizza

After lunch there are some really bad thunderstorms, I have to seek shelter outside a small shop, the lightning strikes somewhere nearby and the power is cut.

Figure 4. Rain

Otepää is known as the "winter capital" of Estonia, so there was a great tourist info with maps and all. It was easy to find great accommodation. There was restaurants with great hamburgers and cheap beer.

ReeDe Villa
Figure 5. ReeDe Villa

ReeDe Villa was great, I got an apartment to myself, small kitchen and big TV.

I decide to look in to Tour de LatEst, maybe life will be easier along this more touristic route.