My first really big bicycle tour. I started in Stockholm and rode to the North East corner of Europe, far up north in Norway. I went back through Finland, and then continued to Sagres in Portugal. The South West corner of Europe. I then crossed Spain to Malaga and stayed in Benalmadena during the winter, waiting for summer so I could ride back to Stockholm. I spent my time in Benalmadena with Spanish traning, Spanish living and travelling the region and Africa. Biking back through Europe as far east as the Czech republic I arrived back in Stockholm some 13 months after I left.

Project status

All the blog posts and some addtional information has been compiled in to a PDF file, it might qualify as a book. It is available for download here.

As I have changed from wordpress to Jekyll in June 2015 I am still in the process of moving the old blog posts to Jekyll, they will eventually be available.


Overview map of the route.

NESW Route
Figure 1. NESW Route

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